About Us

At Brainstormers we aim at revolutionizing digital marketing by providing optimum solutions for your business. The utmost goal is to transform every business to a brand.

We firmly believe that “Content is King” and follow this path by creating quality content with visuals and sharing it with your target audience. From improving your web-site’s rank to enhancing your presence on social media, we have it all covered.



We are well equipped with every aspect of Internet media and offer you a wide range of digital marketing services. This is how we are helping businesses establish themselves.

Content Marketing

Your audience is listening and we will create content that they’ll love. From social media posts to videos, blogs and much more, we are proficient in content creation.

Social Media Marketing

We will assure your presence across a plethora of social channels on a regular basis. Sharing posts, creating campaigns, running insights, analytics and constant engagement with the audience.

Website Development

We expertise in developing websites across multi platforms. Whether you are looking for static website or a responsive one, we will develop, design and customize it as per your requirement.

Designs & Visuals

“What we see, is what we believe” We have digital artists with expertise in creating Brand designs, Visuals, Graphic designs and enhancing Web UI.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, email direct marketing and campaign driven marketing are just a few of the many Digital Marketing techniques that we perform.

Videos & GIFs

We have a dedicated team of scriptwriters, animators and graphic designers to create spectacular videos and GIFs and share it on various social channels.

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The mission of The Filmmaker WordPress Theme is to be one of the top world’s

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Rick Bohonis

“Mark has done amazing work in setting up our company’s digital media strategy. The creativity and vision he brought was outstanding. He has provided our marketing team with a solid strategic plan and has interacted with them very well. Mark is someone that takes his profession very seriously, but definitely knows how to have fun as well. That quality has made our working relationship very enjoyable.”


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